Change versus Constancy

Change leads to exposure and exploration. Were it not for desire to explore, Europeans would have remained living on the small Continent and would have probably perished of diseases and hunger. Instead their spirit led them to sail across oceans and find new lands. New lands brought unimaginable wealth and knowledge not only to them but to the rest of the world also.

New kinds of food, new knowledge for treatment of diseases, new fuels have all led to the economic evolution of the mankind. Now the man is exploring space.

So what makes some perfectly sound people chose stability over movement and adventure.

Psychologically mankind is reluctant to change. Change brings you across strange things. Strange things create fear. Fear leads to unhappiness. Mankind has almost universally addressed the fear of unknown through worship of God. Extreme fear has been addressed by superstitions. It is the nature of mankind to assign reason to everything it comes across. Reason brings predictability. With ability to predict comes the ability to prepare in advance. Preparation saves. It is a complex genetic makeover.

As mankind gets used to greater rewards coming from change, movement and exploration, it slowly and steadily is coming to the realization that change is the only constancy.

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