Pursuing immigration to Canada

If immigration is your purpose and education in Canada is the method, then the this article will help.

Which is the Easiest Province for getting Provincial Nomination Immigration?

Well, you may know that every year, thousands of foreigners apply for Canada immigration. And out of these, many apply for provincial nomination immigration. This is through PNPs(Provincial Nomination Programs).

Are Canada PNP nominations the easiest way?—Are Canada PNP nominations the easiest way for immigration to Canada? This is surely the topic of several discussions and debates. Well, the PNPs bring about new hope for several aspiring Canada immigrants.

Several Canada provinces have their own immigration programs. These include Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia among others. Canada provinces have the authority to nominate applicants wanting to get Canada permanent residency in any Canadian province.

Two Canadian provinces have easier Canada permanent residency rules—Yes, that is quite true. As per the details, two Canadian provinces have easier Canada permanent residency rules. These provinces are Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Immigration to Saskatchewan—Immigration to Saskatchewan is certainly quite easier. No wonder, Saskatchewan has already become a favored destination for foreign students. After all, it also boasts of increased number of job opportunities in mining and petroleum. And the rate of joblessness in Saskatchewan is quite low. It also has several popular schools and one research university.

You will be glad to know that foreign students can apply for permanent residency in Saskatchewan even without any job offer. PR(permanent residency) processing times is just 10 months(maximum).

Immigration to Quebec—Quebec is also a favored PNP immigration destination. That’s because it takes only two years to get Quebec permanent residency.

So, Saskatchewan and Quebec are the two easiest Provinces for getting Provincial Nomination Immigration.

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