Is French necessary in Quebec

QUEBEC is one of the most sought after destinations for immigration in Punjab and elsewhere. The reason is that their points requirement of 49/100 is quite achievable. One does not need a high score in IELTS or to carry a lot of money for settlement there.


Most Indian graduates in the field of Nursing, Accounts, Architecture, Engineering and others easily achieve 49 points by their qualifications, age etc.


One of the most important points, which every future immigrant must know is that Quebec is a French speaking province and they have Laws to ensure that French remains the dominant language of the province. “The Charter of French Language” is one very important law.


As per this law, any practicing professional must have B2 level of French knowledge or he / she cannot get registered with The Professional Orders. Without registration with the professional orders, one can only work and live like a second-rate citizen in the shadows.


Now, what are these Professional Orders?


As per the Law: Professional Code of Quebec, most of the professions, be it Nurses, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Teachers (see schedule 1 of the Code) are regulated. Regulated means that you must clear exams or meet certain standards to get registered with these orders.


Now, even if you are very skilled, like MS in Computer Sciences or Doctor or a Nurse with a lot of experience, you have cleared their exams also, you will not get registered unless you have knowledge of French Language up to B1/B2 level. They have a special agency named Office Québécois de la langue Française (OQLF), which conducts French exams as per law. You must clear this test to practice permanently.

Clearing this test requires a lot of learning French Language.

If you have already filed your application or if you are in the process of filing your application, sooner or later you will land there. It makes sense that you learn French here in Chandigarh only.

You can learn it in Quebec also but the problem is nobody there explains French in Hindi or Punjabi. Secondly, the cost of learning French in Quebec is very high, at least five times more than with us. Thirdly, the time spent learning French in Quebec is better used working and settling down. Fourthly, you won’t get any good job if you cannot speak to 90% of the population. Even selling Food in Dhabas needs knowledge of French as per law.

Even if you plan to study in Quebec to improve your chances of immigration, it makes sense to learn French here. Learning here is less tedious.

So, it is highly recommended that you finish your French education in India itself while waiting for your turn to come or even before filing your application. Good knowledge requires focused interaction with French speaking people. So, do it now with us.


Author is Founder of Maven Education Services

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