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"Learn French from an ex DELF examiner"

Join Maven Edu - Premier institute for French Classes in Mohali. Learn French in Mohali from faculty with 15+ yrs experience.

  • Focus on french classes for Canada Immigration
  • DELF, TEF, TCF, TCFQ and CSQ (Quebec) preparation
  • Ultra-modern classrooms and teaching aids
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A1 to B2 in 6 months

French Classes in Mohali - Maven Edu

Bonjour! We offer French classes for both beginner and advanced level learners. The atmosphere at Maven Edu is excellent for learning French as we teach using role-plays, presentations & active discussions. Maven Edu specializes in teaching French to students who are learning the language for immigration purposes (Quebec and Canada). Teachers at Maven Edu have been teaching French since the past 15+ years. Our lead faculty is an official DELF examiner.

French classes at Maven Edu

Learn French by level

French courses are divided in levels according to difficulty: A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. Join Maven Edu to learn french till whatever level you need. Read More

TEF(Q) Preparation

TEF is recognized as a proof of fluency in French, in Canada. Learn french till a level (ex. B2), and then take classes escpecially for TEF at Maven Edu. Read More

DELF Preparation

DELF exam is accepted as a proof of knowledge of the French language. Join Maven Edu and beat the DELF exam. Read More

TCF(Q) Preparation

It can be used to demonstrate language ability for job applications or for personal use (Quebec). Read More

CSQ Interview

Prepare for your Quebec (CSQ) interview with us. One-to-one mock interviews with experts. Read More

French for Canada Immigration

Get points for Canada Immigration

You can earn extra points for Canadian immigration (Express Entry and Mon Projet Quebec) by learning French. We lay special emphasis on teaching French for exams like TCFQ which are important for immigration.

  • Express Entry: Till B2 - 12 points, C2 - 24 points
  • Mon Projet (Quebec): Till B2 get 12 points
  • Quebec Gov. has stated that candidates who can speak French will be preferred. (Link: New Mon Projet Guidelines)

Our French students and faculty